Where the money goes

In Charity Week, the choice of what projects will be funded is in the hands of all of you who raise funds for Orphans and Children in Need. Have a read below and click the link to give your preference as to what should be funded this year.


Every six seconds, a child under the age of 5 dies somewhere in the world.

In 2019, 6.1 million children and young adolescents died, mostly from preventable causes. Children under the age of 5 accounted for 5.2 million of these deaths – nearly half of whom were newborn babies.

Inadequate access to quality and equitable health care and life-saving supplies contributes significantly to preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths, as well as stillbirths.

For children in emergency settings, health risks escalate. Life-saving health services are often unavailable or inaccessible, making newborns, children, adolescents and mothers vulnerable to harm.

Neonatal support of newborns and psychosocial support of children in Gaza

This project will provide 7 neonatal units across Gaza with essential equipment that work on early detection and treatment of problems of premature and newborn babies. We will also look at the psychosocial care of children through individual counselling, group counselling, family counselling and therapeutic recreational activities.

Increase access to health care for children in Afghanistan

This project will increase access to emergency health services for 8,000 orphans and children who are in crisis, through mobile health services. The project will treat mental health, hygiene and sanitation as well as physical and chronic problems, setting up referral systems for more complicated health problems.

Increase access to health care, nutrition and education for Rohingya children in Bangladesh

Providing comprehensive healthcare including the provision of good daily nutrition and education for 100,000 Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh.

Speech and physical therapy for disabled children in Bosnia

This project will provide 130 children with disabilities with rehabilitation center services including speech therapy, creative workshops and classes for children in recreational activities.

Syrian refugee orphans' health and wellbeing in Turkey

This project will help 275 Syrian refugee orphans and their mothers/ caregivers receive basic needs support, including help with health and medical treatements as well as shelter, food, cloth, hygiene and education.

Increasing access to disabled services for children in Chechnya

This project aims to improve the quality of life for at least 200 children with disabilities living in the Chechen Republic through speech therapy, sports, legal and psychological counselling.


58 million children of primary school age do not attend school, with the majority of them coming from marginalized groups

Quality learning requires a safe, friendly environment, qualified and motivated teachers. A lack of trained teachers, inadequate learning materials, makeshift classes and poor sanitation facilities make learning difficult for many children. Others come to school too hungry, sick or exhausted from work or household tasks to benefit from their lessons.

The consequences: There are an estimated 617 million children and adolescents around the world are unable to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, even though two thirds of them are in school.

Building schools for children in Idlib, Syria

This projects will rebuild 60 schools, provide funding for their running and provide educational kits for 21,900 children in Idlib. The project will also fund the training and development of teachers to help save the future of a generation of children.

Classrooms and clean water in Kenya

This project aims to make education accessible for children with disabilities by constructing classrooms and toilets for accessibility, supporting students with adapted learning materials, assistive devices and adapted physical facilities.

Empowering futures in Pakistan

This project aims to provide 30 children from widowed families with scholarships to Higher Education, concentrating more on female children due to the lower literacy rate of girls in Pakistan.

Empowering futures in Kosovo

This project aims to improve the educational level of children by providing an education for 600 children as well as giving 100 disadvantaged young people business development training.

Providing an education for children in Mali

This project aims to ensure access to quality education and retention of pupils in school. This project will provide teachers with training, students and schools with educational resources.

Educating children in South Africa

This project aims to provide academic support and growth opportunities to underpriviliged youth in Cape Town by increasing the level of literacy of youth enough that they can enter further education.

Orphan Sponsorship

There are an estimated 153 million children worldwide that are orphans

For many orphaned children, the reality of poverty is a daily burden. Left wondering: where will my next meal come from? Where are we going to live? If we get sick and can’t afford medicine…will we survive? –every day is a challenge.

Each year, Charity Week funds the sponsorship of orphans from across multiple countries that include South Africa, Sudan, Pakistan and Gaza.

Sponsorship covers all the basic needs of one child within a family, the child is placed in school and the sponsorship income is given to the child's guardian to provide for the needs of the sponsored child.