About Charity Week

Islamic Relief’s Charity Week began as a vision - a vision that the problems of the world could not be solved by money, but through unity, a vision that stated that we are stronger together rather than apart.

In 2003, the work for that vision began – an Islamic Relief volunteer and student at a London university got himself a simple shoebox and stood outside of his university prayer room to begin collecting funds for orphans and vulnerable children. He raised £73 that day.

Set to celebrate its 20th year this year, Charity Week is today one of one of the world’s largest volunteer-led and organised campaigns, with close to £15 million raised for orphans and children in need.

For Orphans and Vulnerable Children

£14.7 Million Raised

583,064 Children Supported

33 Countries Funded

Over the past 19 years, we’ve been able to support thousands of children directly through projects that have given children access to education, healthcare, mental health support as well as rebuilding homes and providing access to safe water.

These projects span across the 33 countries in places such as Mali, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somaliland and Kosovo, enabling children who’ve lost a parent or are struggling in a life of poverty and strife to feel safe, secure and more hopeful about the future.

Volunteers in a group smiling at the camera

How do I get involved?

Getting involved in action-packed Charity Week couldn’t be easier - sign up and then start planning what you’re going to do during Charity Week!

It could be as simple as taking part in our annual Walk for Orphans, organising a fundraising event for your family and friends, or you could even take on a challenge event! The possibilities are endless!